Committee Socio-Musical Association Anici

2014 - 2016

Dott. Claudia Muscat B.A (Legal & Humanitarian Studies), Dip. Not. Pub.
Director General
Mr George Farrugia
Chev. John M. Spiteri K.T.L
Vice President
Chev. George Portelli K.T.L.
Chev. Saviour Mifsud K.T.L
Deputy Secretaries
Deputy Directors General
Mr. Victor Ciangura
Mr Massimo Cassar
Deputy Treasurer
Representatives of the partners
Mr George Agius
Mr Ivan Pace
Mrs. Ramouna Farrugia
Mro. J. Vella A.Mus. L.C.M., A. Mus. L.S.M, L.Mus. L.C.M., F.V.C.M.
Student Teacher
Mro. Chev. V. Bonnici K.T.L
Chev. John M. Spiteri K.T.L
Spiritual Director
The Rt Rev. Kan. Archpriest Anton Cassar S.Th.L.
Mr. Justin G. Saliba
Mr. Catriel Farrugia
Mr. Catriel Farrugia
Mr. Ralph Puli B.A (Hons) Accty
Legal advisors
Representative of Local Bandsmen
Dr. H. Antoncich L.P. LL.D
Mr. Justin G. Saliba
Section partners in Active Women
Band Commission
Ms Ludgarda Pace
Chev. John M. Spiteri K.T.L
Youth Section Stillieri
Culture Commission
Mr Simon Debono
. Mr George Farrugia
Delegate Sports
Chev. Saviour Mifsud K.T.L
President Emeritus
Dr. Antoine Agius LL.D., Ph.D.
Honorary Presidents
Mr. P. Apap
Chev. A. Zammit
Chev. Dr. C. Bianchi
Mr. G. Scicluna
Count C. Damato
Dr. C. Mallia
Rev. Kan. L. Zammit
Honorary Members
Mr. V. Mifsud
Mr. A. Mangion
Mr. L. Borg
Mr. R. Debono
Mr. A. Magri
Mr. L. Sammut
Mr. J. Sherri
Mr. J. Grech
Honorary band musicians
Mr. A. Mallia
Section partners in active women
Annual Book Editorial Board

The Administrative Committee  is appointed every two years by means of an application process as stipulated in the statute of the club. The persons who are eligible to submit their application, and also vote, need to be members of the society. Local band-players, over the age of 18, are also eligible. The Committee holds regular meetings  to manage the club and the premises in the most transparent way and in the best interest of the members.

The club's official flag is red with a small-shield in the middle containing the arm which is composed of eight horizontal stripes, four white and four black, alternating sequence. In the middle of the arm, between the third stripe from the top and mid- third stripe from the bottom, there is a gold cross rounded by a wreath. In the upper corner there is a six - point star, each tip made of two triangles one white and one blue, in alternating sequence. At each corner of the flag lodge an arm which represents Malta, St. George Martyr, the Grand master Pinto and the parish.

The official anthem of the band has been composed by Mro Frank Galea and lyrics by Dr.Carmelo Bianchi Another important and highly valued music composition is the Apotheosis of St George Martyr, music by Mro.Frank Galea, verses by Dr. Karmenu Mallia.

This hymn may be performed only by Anici Band, similar to the march ‘Demm Gorgjan', or as it is known the Letter ‘A', composed by Mro.Sunny Galea and lyrics by Dr.Carmelo Bianchi. This march is automatically entered into each collection of marches the band publishes. The name of the band "Anici" is the surname of the noble family of St. George Martyr and one can easily appreciate the link between the Band, its patron and city Pinto's, St. George Martyr.

So the band is called the band of the patron  The band also is known "tal-Istilla" because the official emblem contains a star.

Titular statue of St George Martyr


The official Emblem