Cappadocia Palace
Front of the club decorated for the feast
The raw Flag
Statue of Saint George Martyr found in the courtyard of the club
The main staircase of the club
The roof of the main staircase of the club
The Roof of the Hall Carmelo Spiteri
Painting of Grandmaster Pinto
Painting of St George Martyr
Bust of Carmelo Spiteri
Mahogany card slot used by the Headmaster to direct the band
Set of bells played with the Band
The Carmelo Spiteri Hall decorated for the feast
Roof of the hall, St George Martyr
Music archive
Counter for Banner
St George's Hall decorated for the feast
To consider this as a Palace Club is not wrong, just as we did not we when we called him Cappadocia Palace. You have seen these photos and perhaps you had a chance to feast on visiting the club and understood that we were not wrong. What satisfaction we feel in our hearts where not only see the progress of the Club but also to see how this merger is not connected with anyone except with St George Martyr its gem. The Band Anici, was born in the Holy day, Cappadocia was the name of a palace. Nevertheless better understand or believe there is more to the relationship of this Club is to St George Martyr. Nothing except that they had in their minds the Founders of this merger were people from making an entirely willing to love for the Holy Martyr of Lydda. The Club is shaped by a number of works from the beautiful and time will continue nice following. prompted enter and read the story to this merger materializes and made ​​it one of the unions down.


Ms Claudia Muscat B.A (Legal & Humanitarian Studies), Dip. Not. Pub.

President 2012 -

Ms Claudia Muscat was born in December 1981, is daughter of Dr. Notary Antoine Agius and Cecilia born Sciberras. In her childhood, she attended primary school of the Sisters of Dorotei of Virtu, Rabat, Malta, and the same secondary school of same Sisters in Mdina. Attended Giovanni Curmi Upper Secondary School in Naxxar. Continued her studies at the University of Malta where he obtained the Bachelor of arts (BA) in law and humanities (in this case in law and in Theology) and later also acquired the diploma of Notary public. At present redundant attend post graduate course. Working in a legal office in one of the leading banks in our country, is married to Engelbert Muscat and have a son named Giorgio.



Agius. (Antoine) J. (Joseph)

(T. 19-3-1951).

The first President and one of the Founding


Notary Public and writer. He studied at the University of Malta: Diploma of Notary (1978) and doctorate (LL.D. 1979) and United States of America, California Ph.D. in International Law, (C.P.U, 1984) Between 1985 and 1987 he served as part-time in the faculty of 'managment' at California University for Advanced Studies (USA) which was appointed professor in 1985. In 1995 he served as Chairman of the Committee appointed by the St. Petersburg University for Humanitarian & Social Sciences of Saint Petersburg, Russia, for the same relazzjonmijiet between university and European scholars Has published several articles, both abroad and in Malta, is author of several books on history. Between 1976 and 1977 was the secretary of the Fire Association St George, Qormi, and between 1979-85 he was a member of the Committee Friday, St George, Qormi. At the same parish was part, not others when it's counter of St George (1985). In 1988 along with three other individuals (John Mary Spiteri (Director-General), and the late Carmelo Spiteri Debono and Saviour, founded the Anici Band Club, which ran President 22 years (from 1988 to 2010 ). still active in the same organization committee and Ri1erkatur and writer of several books, in 2000 on behalf of the association Socio-Band Anici St George came Megalomartri book. Today is also President Emeritus of the same unity socio-Musical Anici.




Kenneth J. Frendo MSc Finance (Leicester), MBA (Brunel), CMGR, FCMI, FFA.

President 2010 - 2012

Kenneth John Frendo, son of John and Myriam, born on 13 October of 1970. He graduated as "Financial Accountant" by the Institute of Financial Accountants in England in 1992. From there he continued his managerial studies with Henley Management College where in 1998 acquired "Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies" from the same college. He continued studying the 'management' at Masters and in 2000 graduated "Master of Business Administration" from Brunel University in London.

In view of the interest held in the financial sector, Kenneth continued specializes in this area by following a course of study with the University of Leicester in England where graduate "Master of Science in Finance "in 2004. Meanwhile, in 2003, after reaching the necessary academic and professional criteria, Kenneth acquired, the Diploma of "Chartered Manager" from the Chartered Management Institute in England.

At present, Kenneth occupy the position of "Chief Financial Officer" with key organization in Malta.

Good also mention that Kenneth studied music for a time at the headmaster headmaster Philip Gatt and John-David Zammit. He was also the first Assistant Headmaster of Anici Band in 1988 but had to leave this post as academic and professional commitments. However, the musical interest which never failed, in fact he composed a number of colorful and Funeral marches.

Despite the fact that Kenneth had left the office t'assistent headmaster of Socio-Musical Anici merger. it still remained closely follow the evolution of the merger, in fact he was officially a member in 2007, and now newly appointed President of the society.

Josette Kenneth is married and has two children, Jerome and Jethro.