Biography of Joseph Vella Director bandmaster. A. Mus. L.C.M., A. Mus. L.S.M, L.Mus. L.C.M., F.V.C.M.

Mro Joseph Vella was born in Birkirkara on 15 February 1955. The musical inclination towards art started from when he was still a child, and his father Censu which was a band musician with the band Saint Helen of Birkirkara, further encourages it to learn a musical instrument, he chose clarinet. At 11 years, Mro Vella began his musical study, at the Maestro Joseph Zammit At 11 years, the Mro Vella began his musical study, at Mro Joseph Zammit where in 1969 he joined as bandsmen, with Saint Helen's Band of Birkirkara.

Mro Vella continued his studies in harmony, counterpoint and history at Mro. Lawrence Borg. F.L.C.M.

In June 1992 obtained the Diploma A.Mus L.C.M. The study does not stop there because five years later in November of 1997, has obtained another Diploma that of L.Mus. L.S.M. as well as the Diploma F.V.C.M. who acquired it in May of 2001 which was prepared by Maestro Manuel Pirotta. In the same year was awarded 'Certificate for Qualified Teacher at Victoria Collage of Music of England. Mro Joseph Vella still studying till today where in the period ahead and is expected to bring more diplomas.

On Saturday 1st October 2005 Socio-Musical Association Anici appointed, to Maestro Joseph Vella as the new Band Bandmaster.

Mro Joseph Vella as already mentioned is very renowned in the musical field, it also demonstrates the various bands that he's their bandmaster are Saint Helen of Birkirkara, La Vittoria of Mellieha, The Band Lourdes of St John and St Gabriel Band of Balzan.

This reflects the ability and popularity to be, in our country. The first composition he wrote to the organization Socio-Musical Anici as bandmaster, was a colorful march entitled "The new headmaster". this march was included in a set of colorful marches was recorded Wednesday 25 January 2006, which the headmaster Vella debut as a band Anici bandmaster. The first direction of Mro Vella with Anici band was precisely during Prise Day held Sunday 4 December 2005.

The first appearance with the band as bandmaster during march in the streets of Qormi was precisely Sunday 18 December 2005 during the march on the occasion of Christmas. Mro Joseph Vella has several musical works in the Union such as funeral marches and colorful and even authored classical music specially for this band. In fact the 20th anniversary of the official opening of the Socio-Musical Association Anici in 2008 wrote 'Overture' to get the name of this wonderful musical work anniversary.

Mro Joseph Vella is married to Carol nee Ellul and has two sons Etienne and Josephine.




Chev Vincent Bonnici son Lawrence and Rose nee Bonnici was born on 23 November 1960 in Pieta. A few months later, the family went Bonnici Wales where she lived, and returned to country in 1968 which established itself itself in Vittoriosa, the father country. In 1970 when he was ten years, the Little Vincent began to receive the first music lessons from Mro Carmelo Vella inside the club the St George Band of Cospicua and three years later he became a band musician with the same band where has this commitment to the present day. In the beginning it was studying the theory at Ms Rita Micallef, where after a long time has learned at Mro Carmelo Caruana.

In July 1982 he joined the band of the Armed Forces which is currently one of the soloists of the same band. With the Band of the Armed Forces he traveled seven times, twice to Germany twice to Italy, Brussels, St. Petersburg, Russia and Libya for the Libyan National day. In 1993, he attended the master classes at the University of Malta where he met and made ​​friends with professor David Campbell. Mro. Vincent Bonnici is composer nice number of marches including the famous march Force Dynamos and many others. In addition he also composed a lot of beautiful Funeral marches dedicated to several people who were so close to it. Mro Bonnici also made several musical arrangements which arrangements, played at numerous Programs Bands Music by Maltese and even abroad. Furthermore it is headmaster director of St. Peter's Band B 'Bugia, Mro Vincent Bonnici is headmaster director of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Band of Fgura. It also occupies the post of assistant headmaster of St. George's Band of Cospicua, assistant conductor of the Prince of Wales Band of Birgu, and teacher with Band St. Anthony of Birkirkara, and since 1989 teacher allievi with Anici Band of Qormi where this band has had several opportunities to direct the band.

In December 1995 he took the investiture of Knight in the Order of the eastern tewtonika. He is married to Anna née Schembri and have two children, Lorraine and Dominique.

First Band Commission appointed in 1994


Commission Band


As every year the Association Socio-Band Anici get new musicians. This will make its debut with the band Anici, Good Friday 3 April 2015, when the band is taking part in the procession of Good Friday to get the Church and Parish Archmatrice St George Martyr Qormi.

The Band Anici also participate in the procession of the Risen Christ to come from the same parish on Easter.

In the photo shown the new musician Mr Nathaniel Debono, (drum) and Mro. Chev. Vincent Bonnici Assistant Head.


The official photos of the Programme Funeral marches, which made the band Anici Tuesday 8th April 2014. Acknowledgements to the Noel Photo Studio, Photographer of the Association for photographs.
Vocal and Instrumental Concert held on Sunday 1 December 2013
Anici Youth Band Saturday 23 November 2013 Children's Day organized by the Local Council of Qormi.
Musik-Literary Academy held on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Club on Friday 26th April 2013
On Thursday 2nd of August 2012 Family Galea, presented to the Socio-Musical Association Anici, the last composed a musical work before Mro Galea died. Mro. Frankie Galea was the first bandmaster of the Band Anici. Thanks to Family Galea. This music will continue with the music of Maestro Galea, in our musical archive.

These photos are just the latest important activities that had the band. In its history Anici Band had other commitments much asone can easily see the various pages of this website. Suffice to say that in its first 21 years has turned more than half of the towns and villages in Malta and Gozo in Victoria. As one sees in the history of this merger was welcomed not only realize how truly the People Qormi, but also remainder of the Maltese people. Evidence of this is that as barely opened the door had already had five invitations to Sound in the Maltese Capital, and two other services, in two feasts outside City Pinto. The fact that it also was the first band in the parish it performed overseas and the only band in Qormi ever performed for the United States of America, you necessarily sympathetic this Band as it did only in the first eight years of its establishment. Each Qormi should be proud by the band as well as the new horizons opened even in the feast of Saint George Martyr which actively participate. Not only that, even in the procession of Good Friday today we find a new life with her ​​and then also participate in the Procession of the Risen Christ. This band was born to live and continue to live by 'its power with the Band Support account first and foremost. prompted enter and read the story to this merger materializes and made ​​it one of the unions down..


Biography of Mro. Andrew Calleja

Bandmaster between 1998-2005

Maestro Andrew Calleja began his musical career with the band St. Andrew of Luqa. There his first music lessons at the Headmaster Paul Schembri, where at the age of 15 years made ​​the first debut with this same band with trombone.

The Maestro Andrew Calleja continued musical career in 1982 when he joined the Band of the Armed Forces of Malta. Is his service and with the National Orchestra and Big Bands, where playing with various musical works.

After several years of study in the theory and harmony at the conductors Ronnie Debattista, Manoel Pirotta and Ray Sciberras, Mro Andrew Calleja earned several diplomas w passing the Fellowship examination.

The Maestro Andrew Calleja was appointed as Assistant Headmaster of Anici Band in 1988 and exactly ten years later, in 1998 was appointed as bandmaster with the band, but had already opened up by Band bandmaster of Our Lady of Lilies of Imqabba.

During these years with Anici Band, the Headmaster Andrew Calleja taught several students in the theory section of copper and wrote several marches march, Funeral and other compositions include classic clips ranging and also are found in musical archive of this band and directed Hynix several concerts both in the Theatre of the Catholic Institute in Floriana, Sir Temi Zammit at the University of Malta and even in Residence Theatre of San Vinċens de Paul.

In 1996 he had traveled with the band Anici in Canada and the United States of America. His career as the bandmaster of the Band Anici was in end 2005.



Biography of HonMaestro Hon. Mro. Frank Galea, Dip. Ed. (Admt. Mang.) F.l.C.M., KTL, CK TEMP.

He was Anici Bandmaster between 1987 - 1998

Mro Frank Galea was born in Ħaż-Żebbuġ, Malta, on 23 July 1945. He received his education at the school of the Franciscan Sisters, at the Primary School in his native village, at the Minor Seminary, at the College of Teachers and finaly at the University of Malta from where graduated Didt. Ed. (Adm. & Mang.)

He began his piano musical studies under Miss M. L. Bonnici and continued under other illustrious teachers among whom Carlo Fianingo, Giorlando Valente (in violin), Bice Ciappara, Antoinette Miggiani and Professor B. Bobreva (in voice) and Carmelo Pace (in harmony and composition).

Mro Galea composed various musical works such as ‘Da Camera', Four Masses, a number of motets and a Madrigal, Cantati a Cappella sung with accompaniment, a Te Deum for five voices, and the Oratorio: 'Simon Bolivar'.

Moreover he also composed Aria da Salotte, operetta for children, songs for children, orchestral and band works as well as works for solo instruments. He composed over sixty band marches, funeral marches and waltzes.

In 1972 he won the third prize in the competition of P. R. S. for composers of classical music. In 1982 he won first prize with "Piccolo Concerto per Archi Clarinetto ed.

Mro Galea was bandmaster of the bands: De Rohan of Zebbug and St. Peter in Chains B'Bugia;moreover in 1987 he also took the leadership of the Anici Band, and thus he became its first bandmaster. He continued to occupy this latter office until 1998, after which he was appointed Honorary Maestro.

For the Anici Band, Mro Galea composed the music of the Band Anthem (verses by Chev. C. Bianchi), the Apoteosis of St George MM ( verses by Dr. C. Mallia); he also composed other musical works including a Symphonic poem, ‘The First Decade', which was inaugurated at the Anici Bandistic Concert at the University of Malta on Saturday 25 April 1998 on the 10th anniversary ofthe Socio-Musical Association Anici.

For the band he also composed religious hymns for Christmas, for Carnival and above all he composed a set of wonderful waltzes which were inaugurated on Easter of 3 April 1994 and which are now the property of the Association, besides various other musical works.

Mro Galea is married to Josephine née Camilleri from Kalkara; they have two children: André and Renzo.

Mro. Frank Galea died on Wednesday 1st February 2012.