Statue of St. George Martyr struggle with the dragon work of artist Adonai Camilleri Cauchi

Demonstration with the statue of St George Martyr from Band Anici, A.D. 1988 on Wednesday 20 th June 2018

The Vocal and Instrumental Program from Anici Band A.D. 1988 held on Friday 22nd June 2018

The march of the last Triduum byVocal and Instrumental Program from Anici Band A.D. 1988 on Friday 22nd June 2018

The first appearance of the band at the Feast of St. George Martyr has since performed for, on the last day of the Triduum, which was Friday 24 June 1988, and on the feast day, Sunday morning, 26 June 1988, which made ​​colorful march through the streets of the parish and not a little entertained with beautiful and colorful marches it performed. For the occasion, although it had been founded only a few months anyway published book with thirty-six pages, remaining issues and growing. With which the manager had done this, to the partnerships and the admirers, showing them what prepared for the feast. It became Editorial Board, which was composed by Professor Antoine Agius, President of the Association, Chev. John Mary Spiteri, Director General and Dr. Carmel was appointed Honorary President Bianchi as Editor.

From then onwards, the band Anici remained deliver its service in Titular Feast and also even since 1992 increased its participation Four services, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday the on Sunday morning. This was not enough for Steering and also has increased year after Saturday eve feast. These services still give today. Thus the band Band Anici as parish has every right that merited.