Last Activities's Photos
One Day in Gozo on Palm Sunday 29 th March 2015
Wine & Pizza Country Night on Saturday 28 th February 2015
Our Band partecipation in Carnival on Friday 28 th February 2014 in Qormi
Christmas March on Sunday 21 st December 2014
Christmas Dinner Dance Buffett on Saturday 20 th Diċembru 2014
Party for Children in the Band Club Anici, Saturday 13 December 2014
Recording of the funeral marches held on Saturday 22 November 2014
Country Night Dinner Saturday 15 November 2014.
The Band at the Feast of St. Dominic in the Capital Valletta Malta on Friday 1st August 2014.
The Socio-Band Association Anici, accompanies the korteo, in the advent among us of relic arm insignia of St George Martyr, Monday 14 July 2014
Thanks to all who attended us on Sunday 13 July 2014 for a day in Gozo, which also witnessed the exit from niċċata St George Martyr. Thanks also to which the manager of the radio voice of Victoria, to levels the interview made ​​to the Director General, and Founder of the Association Socio-Musical Anici AD 1988 Chev. John M. Spiteri. Another successful event. Thank you from the heart of the support
Saturday 14 June 2014, the Socio-Musical Association Anici AD 1988 reception has done every year as thanks to the partners being, Musicians, benefactors and organizations to cooperate with the Union. This year also this blessed reception, the Prime Standard of the firm worked La Bottega Di Melchiorre on design of late but never forgotten Saviour Bugeja. This is another opera on the design of this designer who remains among the best seen Malta, and the Society is proud that it has a number of his works. Thanks to the Archpriest Can. Anton Cassar who blessed this standard and thanks to all those who attended.
Country Night Dinner on Saturday 8 th March 2014
New Year's eve party in Our Band Club
Work on the tomb of the merger, which took place on Thursday 26 December 2013
Mass at the closing festivities of the 25th anniversary and the inauguration of the shelter on Friday 12 December 2013.
Joint Visit to E.T. Dott. George Abela President of Malta on Saturday 16 November 2013
The Day Trip in Sicily on Saturday 14 th September 2013
Bar B Que in Soreda Hotelon Saturday 24 th of August 2013 organized by the Friends of the Youth Section
Summer Night on 21 st June 2013
Banner Official Inauguration of society, and detection of commemorative plaque commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Socio-Musical Association Anici AD1988, on Saturday 15 June 2013
The Youth Section Stillieri put flowers in lap statue of St George M. in Farsina and the other in the Parish of San Sebastian on Monday to 22 April 2013
The Youth Section Stillieri in Spring Feast Qormi 19 and 20 th April 2013.