Key Chains


25 History Commitment and Dedication
New Double CD 2012
Anniversary stickers for cars
CD of Funeral marches 2012
Banners hanging in the car
CD by Georgians anthems played by the Band Anici
together with the song " Fi Qlubna Inġorruk"
Tie Pin & Lapel Badge
Embroydey Shirt
CD of colorful Marches 2010 to a quarter of a century
Stickers for cars
The first Badge on the musicians caps which is very interesting for Collectors
Key Chains

Cassette with Maltease Marches

Cassette with funeral Marches

C.D.s with Maltease Marches
Songs CD
C.D.s with Funeral Marches
Double C.D. with Funeral Marches & Easter Waltzes
Publication George Anici