Program of funeral marches from Anici Band of Qormi, under the auspices of W.R. Archpriest the Kan. Anton Cassar and the Inauguration of the Exhibition "From Jerusalem To Calvary" on Wednesday 20 March 2013. Thanks to Assistant Maestro Vincent Bonnici, the musicians, the presenter Joe Chetcuti, Emanuel Portelli and all those who attended. Thanks for your support. Thanks to Noel Photo Studio for pictures.

Holy Week's Exhibition 2013
Holy Week's Exhibition 2012
Holy Week's Exhibition 2011
Club visits by the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader in the days of the exhibition
Holy Week's Exhibition 2010
The exhibitions in the club now been firmly in the Club calendar. The time of Lent brings great enthusiasm in the Union and therefore lead to a merger takes bringing exhibitions related to Holy Week. Since 1994 in the club began to pick exhibitions each year and has done so. These performances were very different, but the most outstanding is the display that shows the City of Jerusalem in the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a unique exhibition in Malta and you can be seen only when the days a week before the Good Friday come and see this wonderful exhibition contains more than 500 great figure distributed along all scenes which , from reprimand in the Temple and the entrance of Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) to the crossword and burial. This exhibition is the work of Mr. Alfred Mangion Honorary Member of the Club and each year is different inaugurated by eminent persons. The exhibitions in Club always been caliber, and I can not go by without mentioning also the exhibition that was held by Youth Stillieri within the Union in closing the 20th anniversary of the Association in 2008. This exhibition was titled the cult of Saint George Martyr in our homes.